The Money Matters Group meets on the 3rd Friday of every month at the Surbiton Golf Club. It starts at 10am for coffee and the meeting commences at 10.30am

The Chairman prepares an agenda to which are added items which members wish to raise - either to pass on information which may be of interest to others or where they seek advice. The subjects, which normally have a monetary element, will range from stocks and shares, insurance, foreign exchange, other savings and investments etc.

We also have an annual competition whereby everyone invests a hypothetical £10,000 in shares with the object of achieving the highest capital gain in 12 months. The range of chosen shares and reasons for investing in them are fascinating.

The meetings end at 12 noon.

MONEY MATTERS 19th July 2019
From Raynes Park . Hub of the Universe
Good day loyal readers
Your financial reporter did not attend the meeting on Friday last. Was on MV Saga Sapphire cruising Geiranger fjord.
So a short report this month ( who said “Thank God for that”?)
Share competition , well no one is losing money but a profit of £3,418:27p at the top and a profit of £42:51 at the lower end are best glossed over. However MM Members are showing on aggregate a 13*5% increase
FTSE 7535*5 as at 18th July 2019 puts Angus Fraser as the bookies favourite to win the end of year section of this exciting competition
Once again, an appeal to anybody at a loose end on the third Friday of the month.come and join in. Two subjects are off limits for discussion, religion and politics, BUT as finance and politics are so intertwined conversations do, just occasionally,tend to stray over the edge
Hope you are all coping with this debilitating heat and look forward to writing my next report after the August meeting
George Holder

MONEY MATTERS 28th June 2019
For the first time this year all entrants in the share competition are showing an increase. The leader is £2,549:92 p in the black whilst the least successful is still showing a profit of £322:91 p.
Average gain is £1,080:87P
June is an exciting month in the Money Matters year . It’s when the half yearly winner of the FTSE forecast is revealed and this year’s midway winner is Ken Forsdyke whose prediction of 7551 came closest to the actual figure of 7403.5
Most UK economic prophecy’s are not cheerful although stocks and shares remain, as ever, popular. An animated discussion on why this should be produced more heat than light, as did an exchange about world poverty.
At the next Probus general meeting on Tuesday 9th July Ken will be presented with his must coveted prize, please try to be there.
Once again I’m much indebted to Roger Oldcorn for allowing me to crib his notes.
Especially essential for this report as I’d lost my pen.
George Holder
( known to friends ( what few I have ) and family as the Raynes Park Dinosaur)