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Probus Club of Sandown 


Our club has about 60 members and meets at the Ember Sports Club pavilion in Esher, Surrey on the first Tuesday each month at 10am. After coffee and a review of Club business, there is a talk on subjects as diverse as ‘The Profuma Affair’, ‘Cycling Around the World’, ‘Catching Smugglers at Heathrow’, and ‘Training Dogs for the Handicapped’.Many members then meet together locally for lunch.

Our activities include a formal lunch in the summer and a formal dinner in the autumn, two very pleasant events, well attended by members, wives, partners and the widows of former members.

Activities at which the ladies are particularly welcome and are usually well represented are follows:

Outings are usually organised four times a year and typically visit two places to widen the appeal. You just have to turn up at a local pickup point and everything is arranged for you,  a comfortable coach, good company, coffee and lunch, fascinating places to explore with guides when necessary at the venues.

During September 2016 a group of members and partners embarked on a four day programme of sightseeing in Norfolk based at a 4* hotel overlooking the sea and during September 2017 a group of members and partners embarked on a four day programme of sightseeing around York based at a 4* hotel next to Monk Gate.

Visits to Theatres, concerts and events are arranged in response to the interests of members and their partners. Transport by coach, from Claygate. or Esher, is provided to the majority of events. This ensures a relaxed and enjoyable occasion with transport and parking costs counter balanced by the venue group booking discount. Each year we go to the Mill at Sonning a theatre in an attractive riverside setting and providing a lunch followed by a top class farce or murder mystery.

We have visited events both in our area including Richmond Theatre, Guildford G-Live and Fairfield Halls and further afield in Eastbourne. This ensures a relaxed and enjoyable occasion and we aim to benefit from the lower costs of block bookings

The Computer Group meets at the Surbiton Golf Club at 9:45am on the second Friday each month. Many Probus members miss the days when the resources of an IT department were always available. We now draw on the combined expertise of members to resolve IT problems and to keep abreast of developments. Talks and demonstrations are a feature of many of our meetings and most members choose to remain for lunch at the club. The club runs its own website, the scope and content of the site are viewed as work in progress and ideas for content, design and technical improvement are always welcome. Input from anyone who has some knowledge of design or CMS who has ideas for improvement will be of great interest.

The Money Matters Group, like the computer group, meets at Surbiton Golf Club, but on the third Friday each month at 10:00am.With a many members with backgrounds in finance, we have informed discussions on issues related to the economy and compete with each other to select a portfolio of profitable investments and forecast the FTSE 100 index at mid and end year. Discussions frequently veer into the ethos and morality of some of the latest money related issues and politics inevitably makes an appearance All. with or without experience in finance, are welcome to meetings and to remain to lunch at the club.

Ember Sport Club, the venue for our meetings is off Ember Lane, Esher. 

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If you would like to join Probus Sandown or make further enquiries about joining please contact the Secretary - click here




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