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A warm welcome! The purpose of this webpage is to introduce you to our Probus Club and to give some idea of who we are and what we do. The Probus Club (the word Probus is a fusion of PROfessional and BUSiness) in England was first formed in 1966 in Caterham, and has been growing ever since. Our primary aim is to provide opportunities for retired professional and business men to be in touch with others who are like minded. We meet once a month and organise a number of events and visits to places of interest each year. Members come from a wide range of backgrounds, ranging from science and engineering to sales, education, law and government, as well as many others. Many of their interests include working for the community and supporting local activities. Please browse through the menu headings to get an overview of the type of activity available to members, some of the site is open only to members but this should not prevent you from getting a good picture of what we do..  

Sandown, as the name will suggest to those keen on horse racing, is just to the east of Esher, our meeting place is just off Ember Lane and has convenient parking.  The main group meets once a month, enjoys a presentation followed by a lunch while the various groups and activities arranged meet at diverse times and places as advertised to those interested. 

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